Rude or Inappropriate Messages

We’re sorry to say that this does sometimes happen, and we’re upset to hear it happened to you. 🙁 We recommend opting a person out if they are antagonistic. We find it’s just better to move past someone that doesn’t want to engage in good faith.

Please make sure to send them the opt out message when you opt them out. If we don’t let them know we’re taking them off our list, antagonistic people sometimes email us (or worse — or organizing partners!) to complain. Better to let them know up front!

Reporting Messages

Please DO NOT share inappropriate or rude conversation screenshots on Facebook or Slack. If something makes you feel angry or upset, it’s possible it will hurt or trigger other folks, too. If a text feels threatening or violent, you can report it to us by using the “Escalate Conversation” tag in Spoke.

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